A long time ago…

Have been off the grid for some time now…. Time to get back in the game.

Here is a selection of my latest work:

Same shot, 2 interpretations…


Alone Ver 2.


Bridge in sun - Colour version


Small islands

Black and White work.

Patiently waiting for summer...

Cabin on a hill...

Sea Weed... Delicacy in some countries...photo-op in others...

Self portrait.



Night time

Took a couple of night time shots. Both are taken from Sulesund in Sula – Norway.

First a shot towards Hareid.


Then a shot looking East along Storfjorden.



Was hoping to be able to get a decent sunset picture this weekend… However, the forecast is rain, rain, rain….

It looks a bit like this on my window.


Well… Can always hope they are wrong… would not be the first time.

Street Art

Found this incredibly detailed street art while walking around Vigo in Spain



A shot from earlier today. My home town in split tone.



Have been trying to get a sunset shot for the last couple of days… However about an hour before sunset, the fog comes inn. Same story last night. But i got this silhouette just before the fog came.


Sunnmøre Museum

Took mu daughters to Sunnmøre Museum in Ålesund yesterday. This is an indoor/outdoor museum. It shows the life and culture in the local area, from the middle ages and up until the 1900’s. They have a large selection of old buildings, ships and everyday items from that period. The buildings are original, and have been dismantled, moved here, and re built for preservation.




The evil eye…

This guy di NOT like the photo shoot… However he could not resist the olives and pickles we gave him. 


Road Trip 3


A few more pictures from the weekend. Hope you like them…


This is a shot from Trollstigen in Romsdal, Norway.


Here is Trollveggen in morning fog.


Last… some sheep we met on the way.

If you would like to see more of my pictures, take a look at www.flickr.com/photos/wildfirehv or http://wildfirehv.smugmug.com

Road trip 2

Here is another shot from the weekends road trip.


The lamb was taken by my daughter.